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Services to support your research and social media guidance for researchers

We want to spread the word about some changes we’ve made to the Office for Scholarly Communication website.

You can now easily find the services to support your research at the University of Kent and get advice on everything from applying for and managing an award to sharing your research on social media and making an impact.

Social media for researchers

Head to our Social media for researchers web pages to get advice on making the most out of using social media to maximise the reach of your research.  Read our Top 10 social media tips for researchers, and find out about everything from choosing the best platform and getting started, to engaging your target audience and  asserting ownership over your research outputs to increase their visibility.

From here you can also find out about the best practice tips and social media guidelines from Corporate Communications.

If you’d like to talk about writing a research dissemination plan, or want to find out about specific social media platforms not yet mentioned here, please get in touch with us.

Services to support your research

The physical copies may have flown off the shelves but you can still find out about the Services to support your research at the University of Kent.

Our guide will aid you throughout the life cycle of your project by providing you with information about how and who can support you with:

  1. Applying for an award: funding and grants, data, IT consultancy, web services and dissemination
  2. Managing your award
  3. Research ethics and governance
  4. Innovation & Enterprise
  5. Copyright and licencing
  6. Research materials
  7. Sharing your research
  8. Research impact
  9. Researcher development opportunities

Contact us if your have comments, questions or suggestions.

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