Is it the right or wrong version?

By Clair Waller, Research Support Team

Author accepted manuscript (AAM), proof, preprints, post prints – identifying the version of a publication can be difficult.

This is often the case when the Research Support Team are checking new deposits in the Kent Academic Repository, making sure that the version of a publication that has been uploaded doesn’t breach any copyrights. Some of the factors that can make this so difficult and time consuming are:

  • One publisher may not refer to a specific version of a work by the same name as another publisher
  • Publishers have varying policies that say what is permitted to happen with each version of a work
  • Governing bodies (such as Research England) and funders have varying policies that require the author to make different versions of the work openly accessible (see our previous blog post about versions and REF compliance)

There are various tools online available to help navigate this landscape, such as Sherpa/Romeo, but often these tools presume that you know which version you are looking at when the time comes to do something with it. So how can you try to pin it down?

We’ve produced the following guide to help you do just that! Just click on the image to take a better look.


Contact the Research Support Team if you have any questions about depositing your publication to the Kent Academic Repository.

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