Advocacy toolkit and reporting on the project

2bugsAs everyone is no doubt aware, the formal part of the ORCID pilot projects has now closed. The final meetings with Jisc were very productive, and it was great to meet some of the team from ORCID as well as catching up with the other pilot project teams. I was very pleased to hear that Laurel from ORCID especially was very impressed with our advocacy materials, and we had a very nice chat about the ideas behind them and their uses, as well as some of the things that ORCID themselves were working on in this area.

Part of the original project plan required the team here at Kent to produce an advocacy toolkit for other institutions wanting to undertake a similar project, and following the conversations I had at this final Jisc meeting I decided to focus on what made our project unique, which was the materials and the team we built for the work here at Kent. I hope the Advocacy Toolkit helps anyone wanting to do their own project.

The final JISC Pilot Project Report has also been submitted in the last few weeks and I have linked this to the post too for anyone that may be interested in the more formal side of the projects.