T-minus 1 month…

And counting!

The project has been going so well over the last few weeks that I have forgotten to blog! Sorry about that!

The advocates total is up to seven very effective and lovely team members that are all brilliant and have hugely diverse ideas, just as I was hoping. I won’t talk too much about them as I have asked some of the longest standing team members to produce guest posts for this blog about what they’ve been up to, the first of which should be up in the next few days.

The rest of our merchandise has arrived, which has been very well received, especially the fuzzy bugs that seem to have become our unofficial mascot – nicknamed ‘Cid’ he is very popular and I think we’ll have to order some more before long! We have had some significant issues with the t-shirt company, with the orders being repeatedly wrong, but hopefully (fingers crossed) this should now be rectified and all of the advocates can have their own shirts for events. 1bug

We are now running weekly pop up stands in the library where the team hand out information, answer questions and give demonstrations, as well as encouraging people to sign up there and then. In the next few weeks we are planning to host an ORCID themed Christmas Party, which we can invite postgraduates, PhD students and academic staff to en masse for socialising, networking, and a chance to have all your questions answered, with a mince pie.

I haven’t checked on our total sign up’s recently, but as of around a month ago we were approaching 300 which is a huge increase from where we started – well done team!