Leaflets and merchandise

Although I did promise a first look for the attendees at the JISC event last week, unfortunately it wasn’t ready but now I have a suite of things that I can show you! Originally I was intending to create a hybrid message, using elements from the ORCID brand, as well as elements of Kent to create a suite of outreach documents and merchandise, but the discussions we had at the JISC day made me reconsider this approach.

Considering that our project focusses on advocating for use of this external product, I soon realised that utilising the designs and text that ORCID provides is the best way forward. It is not the aim of the project to bring this product within the Kent sphere and create our own name and brand for it, like we have with other systems, but these are designed to be integrated, what I realised is that ORCID isn’t one of these. This encouraged me to utilise the ORCID outreach materials provided on their ambassadors pages and create something distinctive from them.

The idea behind the materials we have so far is that they are as universal and distinctive as possible, I created a powerpoint slide for use in PG inductions, and using this as a template I created a leaflet and some posters, all of which feature the same design elements. The first two have been pulled from the provided content and merely modified to include refernce to using your Kent email address (to help us track numbers that sign up). From these, we used the same typeface and colours to add more personalised elements and informal language for PG students (there is also one for academic staff in production).














We wanted to use a catchy image to make the publicity items distinct, so we decided to utilise the ‘bubbles’ motif from the ORCID posters and the iD logo to create a footer image to tie elements together. It also helps to round out the colours of the posters and leflets as lots of green and pale colours on a white background can be quite dazzling when there is no other colour.

ORCID header 1

So all together it creates quite a nice effect – Poster.pdf

The idea is to utilise the same format for information screens, posters, leaflets and anything else we need, to ensure it is a recognisable and reusable programme – able to be used beyond the scope of the project.

Hope you like it!