Welcome to the blog of the JISC-ARMA funded project at the University of Kent, entitled Early Kent ORCID.Please find below an introduction to the project and its primary aims. A full project plan can be found in the menu above which will be updated as required.

The University of Kent is at a time of significant development of JISCKent’s services to researchers. We are implementing a new Current Research Information System (CRIS), which is locally named as KRIMSON, and integrating it with our Institutional Repository (IR), Kent Academic Repository (KAR). Alongside this we are supporting researchers to make their work as visible and impactful as possible, and this opportunity to work with Jisc and ARMA to accelerate our plans regarding ORCID is both hugely welcome and in tight synchronisation with our strategic plans.

Please see the JISC-ARMA ORCID pilot project blog for more details about the roots of this project.


  1. To share widely our experiences and reflections with regard to our proposed advocacy approach for ORCID and also our CRIS and IR integrations.
  2. To pilot the centrally-supported use of ORCID at the University of Kent, assess outcomes of the pilot and use this information to build on future ORCID implementation and sign-up at the University of Kent.
  3. To encourage Kent PhD students and early career researchers to sign-up for ORCID. This group are often very mobile at the early stages of their career so a persistent identifier would be particularly useful. They will be able to include the same ORCID in their PhD thesis and in all publications from the beginning of their career.
  4. To employ PhD students/early career researchers (ECRs) to act as ORCID champions in academic schools. This approach will quickly raise awareness of ORCID amongst an active group of trained champions who will then advocate ORCID to their peers, their academic school and the wider Kent academic community on behalf of the core project team. This team will:
    • Become ORCID experts
    • Liaise with specific academic schools and support services
    • Deliver presentations to Researchers at internal meetings
    • Engage in 1-2-1 peer to peer advocacy with researchers
    • Drive take up of the pilot ORCID service
    • Promote best practice in ORCID use amongst new and existing ORCID users.
  5. Increasing ORCID sign-up by University of Kent staff and students. There are currently 92 records on the ORCID registry with a Kent email address and through advocacy we will seek to dramatically increase that number. Our target will be to reach 1000 sign ups by the end of the project.
  6. Ensure ORCID integration during the installation of our CONVERIS Current Research Information System (CRIS), reducing author ambiguity in the CRIS itself and also during transition of information from the CRIS into KAR.
  7. Investigate and pilot ORCID integration in our EPrints institutional repository, Kent Academic Repository (KAR).
  8. Incorporate use of ORCID in the submission process for PhD eTheses.
  9. Examine and report on the potential of ORCID IDs to aid effective reporting internally, back to funders, HEFCE, HESA and other agents.

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