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Call for papers, Animal Publics: Emotions, Empathy, Activism- July 2015- Melbourne

Call For Papers

 Australian Animal Studies Group (AASG) Conference 2015

Animal Publics: Emotions, Empathy, Activism

 Convened by the Australian Centre and the Human Rights and Animal Ethics Research Network (HRAE)


The University of Melbourne, July 12-15, 2015


The call for papers is now open. We want to hear from scholars, academics, activists and thinkers.

Abstracts of 250 words for 20 minute papers are due Monday, December 22, 2014.

They should be sent to




The human/nonhuman animal relationship is continually in flux. In the twenty-first century our relationship with other species is more complex than ever. Images of animals dominate advertising and the internet. Many people feel a profound connection with their companion animals, consider them part of the family, and grieve when they die. At the same time almost all the species we breed for consumption are processed through the animal industrial complex, and are neither seen, nor heard, nor touched in a living state. Animal exploitation and commodification is increasingly hidden from public view.


The predominance of some species, and the complete absence of others, in our relationships with animals, raises important questions about how we understand and empathise with other. Why do so many people have such an emotional response to animals? Why do children bond with animals? What have we lost by excluding so many animals from the public domain – from our cities and day-to-day lives?


In this interdisciplinary conference, Animal Publics, we ask: How can the lives of animals be made visible – brought into the public domain? How might they be transformed? What role might direct engagement, academic discourse, bearing witness, the arts, or community debate take? What part do emotions play in the changes taking place across a range of key discourses and in our relationships with nonhuman ‘others’? How should we understand our emotional response to animals and how important should the emotional lives of animals be to us? How might the emotions, empathy and activism be brought to bear on making the lives of animals visible in the public domain?


We seek abstracts that address the theme ‘Animal Publics: Emotions, Empathy, Activism’ in relation to human and other species:

  • In what sense can we ‘know’ nonhuman animals?
  • What role does empathy play in the human/nonhuman relationship?
  • How might the emotions help us to rethink the boundary between human and nonhuman?
  • How does anthropomorphism influence the human/nonhuman relationship?
  • Why is the human species so fascinated with nonhuman species?
  • How can the lives of animals be made visible – brought into the public domain?
  • How can we use law to regulate the lives of animals when most animals are absent from our lives?
  • Why are some species rendered invisible to the public while others enjoy a privileged status?
  • Why are animals so frequently omitted from discussions about sustainability and the future of global food production?
  • Why does the human species ‘deny’ its animal origins?
  • What role should emotions play in ethical responses to animals?
  • How has science influenced the human nonhuman relationship?
  • What role do emotion and empathy play in response to species extinction and climate change?
  • Why do we care more about some creatures than others?
  • What impact do representations of animals have on the human/animal relationship?
  • Is ethical consumerism an adequate response to species with whom we do and do not empathise?
  • What can the ‘othering’ of animals teach us about ourselves?
  • What role should animal welfare science play in teaching us about the needs of nonhuman animals and other species?
  • What has the animal protection movement contributed to our understanding of nonhuman animals?
  • How should we live ethically and emotionally with other species in the era of the Athropocene?


Submissions are not limited to the suggestions above. Contributions from all disciplines are welcome. 


For more information, visit

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Call for Panel, Stream, Plenary and Book Launch suggestions for 2015 Law, Literature & the Humanities Conference – “Complicity”

Dear All,
Thanks for your enthusiasm to date in response to the 2015 Law, Literature & the Humanities conference, to be hosted by University of Technology, Sydney on the 9-12 December 2015.

Interdisciplinary work in law, literature and the humanities is of increasing significance to national and international scholarship, and it would be great to represent this breadth and depth at the conference. So, as we outlined at the Association Annual General Meeting a couple of weeks ago, we’re asking for the involvement of LLH members. We’re especially thinking of the strong scholarship in law and the visual, law and graphic culture, law and popular culture, spatiality and conduct, which is well-represented by LLH members.






We’re asking for members to draw on national and international networks, and to take responsibility for developing streams, panels or plenaries–and we invite creativity in form–so that these emerging and established elements of the movement are represented. We’ve already had some great submissions from members. It’s also fine if you have ideas, but don’t have the time to organise them–please submit those ideas too.

We’ll also be asking you for assistance in connecting to those networks to promote the conference.

If you have suggestions for upcoming books to be launched, or publishers who might be interested in being involved, please let us know.

Please send through suggestions and proposals to us at<>.

All the best
Honni and Penny

Dr Honni van Rijswijk
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Law
University of Technology, Sydney
PO Box 123 Broadway
NSW 2007

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Moore’s Law







“The addict understands law as an abstraction”

Nathan Moore “Image and Affect: Between Neo-Baroque
Sadism and Masochism” (2012)

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Goodrich and Specters of Law

“All cost and no benefit. All image and no law. And that is the point. The rub. The
law depends upon, is supported by, exists through an array of background
techniques, apparatuses of appearance, a theatrical machinery of solemnization
and approbation that is largely preconscious, an affection image. These spectacles
relay the site and space of legality”.

Peter Goodrich “Specters of Law: Why the History of the
Legal Spectacle Has Not Been Written”  2011



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In emulation of the Clouds




“that beneath the ideal object of judgment is the slow moving history of images that collude and support the long cycles of the symbolic” 


Yifat Hachamovitch, “In Emulation of the Clouds: An Essay on the Obscure Object of Judgement” in Costas Douzinas, Peter Goodrich and Yifat Hachamovitch (eds), Politics,  Postmodernity and Critical Legal Studies: The legality of the contingent (Routledge, 1994)

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The Association for the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities- Annual Conference March 6-7, 2015

The Association for the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities- Annual Conference March 6-7, 2015

Georgetown University Law Centre

This year, the Association will not have a specific conference theme in order to encourage the broadest range of participation possible. Examples of types of sessions the conference has featured in the past include:

History, Memory and Law; Reading Race; Law and Literature; Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism; Speech, Silence, and the Language of Law; Judgment, Justice, and Law; Beyond Identity; The Idea of Practice in Legal Thought; Metaphor and Meaning; Representing Legality in Film and Mass Media; Anarchy, Liberty and Law; What is Excellence in Interpretation?; Ethics, Religion, and Law; Moral Obligation and Legal Life; The Post-Colonial in Literary and Legal Study; Processes and Possibilities in Interdisciplinary Law Teaching.




However, these should be viewed as examples only. Any proposals that interrogate law as a cultural form or view law through the lens of the humanities are welcomed.

Here is the link to register:


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“Law and the Body” Conference: University of Kent, 28 February-1 March, 2015

The annual conference of the Kent Critical Law Society is devoted to the following theme:

“Law and the Body”


University of Kent, 28 February-1 March, 2015

Papers, streams are welcome

More info: Kim Larsen-


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HERA- “Uses of the Past”- 2015

The Era-Net HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) brings together 21 research funding organisations in Europe. The joint research programme (JRP) “Uses of the Past” focuses on pressing social questions regarding identity, integration, political legitimacy and cultural dynamics. More info:



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Call for Papers 3: The History and Theory of Intellectual Property. University of Pennsylvania, July 22 – 24, 2015

We seek a broad representation of international scholars as well as scholars from across the disciplines. Papers may concern trademark, patent, copyright, or related rights, including confidentiality and trade secrecy, and they may be historical or address current issues from a theoretically-​informed perspective. Both established and junior scholars are encouraged to submit abstracts. Submission deadline: 15th of January




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