The Divine Feud

by Sam

She lured me up there with that cheesy grin of hers. I followed her not knowing what her reason was as to why we had to climb a steep cliff side at night! She said we had to do it tonight, which I personally hated because tonight was the night of the Athenian Easter festival, never the less I climbed the cliff side with haste. Next thing I knew I had almost reached the top regardless when we reached the top I was speechless. I stood there in awe standing next to the acropolis with my head held high whilst I looked Over Athens. The view is amazing whether it’s morning or night but tonight his was spectacular there was colour everywhere, music was booming there were people in costumes dancing on all the streets. She then said to me why can’t us God’s be like that Ares? I ignored her as I continued to look at the view. What was that Athena? I said confused. I said why can’t us God’s be like that? I replied with a distraught frown. You know why, as long as there are God’s there is conflict between Gods. As long as Zeus lives we have no freedom as we are the children of Zeus, and if we make a stand, well you saw what he did to Hermes even with those boots of his he couldn’t out run him. But what if we revolt? She said in a monotone voice. What if we overthrew him with your Amazonian daughters and brute strength plus my strategic intellect we can end his reign of terror and we break these mind forged shackles that bind us. He’s too powerful, regardless of what we do we can’t beat him I replied in a sad voice let’s just go home Athena and will talk in the morning. I gave her a hug as a way to comfort her but she threw me off yelling “NO ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” a magical spear made by the royal blacksmith appeared along with her armour as she flew up into the clouds I followed her scared for what was going to come next the fall of Zeus or the death of Athena.. I was floating above the clouds as i witnessed Athena charge through the gates as she flew towards Zeus with the intent to kill. The royal guards tried to stop her but they didn’t stand a chance. The doors to Zeus’ chamber slammed open he sat there happily eating grapes as he watched one of his many wives dance for him. She moved faster than a speeding bullet he had no idea what he was in for. The cloud white walls were stained red, as Olympian blood had been spilt Athena removed her spear as her bloodlust left her soul she screamed with joy. And so the the children of the god of thunder Zeus ruled over new olympus and made it so peace and prosperity covered the land.