Princess Problem

by Adam




Today is the day, the coronation. The time when the people of Greece come together and celebrate he crowing of a prince or princess, successor to the violet throne, gains undisputed  power over the inhabitance of Greece. But this only occurs on one condition; you ned to be able to produce your own heir to the throne, which is impossible if your like me, that is why I must keep her a secret, I must keep persephone a secret because “I princess Angle accept the responsibility to become queen of Greece and produce my own successor and fulfil my duty.”




Repetition the act of doing something over and over this is what my life has become now that I am queen. Wake up eat a three course meal, brush my teeth, get dressed into my long pink dress that co insides with the pink on my blouse. My black hair dangles down to my knee emphasising my importance as only royalty have black hair. After I am dressed I must announce to everyone how I am going to improve  Greece during my reign. Then I sign royal decrees and then eat another meal. But after that meal is when the cycle ends, I am finally granted free time to ‘myself’ I leave the castle and step into the car with a spare change of cloths of course. Now I’m in the town I must escape the guards which is not that hard. Now I can head to the cobblers.  I knock on the wooden door and it creeks open so I slowly close it and call out “persephone are you here?” and then I see her the beauty, she comes down the stairs dressed in a long green cloth that is high end for her. Now it is my turn to get changed I go into the bath room and reach into the bag and pull out a purple cobblers dress and I then wear it allowing me to go un noticed by the public. I head out to where persephone is and I see her standing there in awe. “You look amazing she says” i find myself blushing but before I can reply she grabs me by the wrist and pulls me out behind the cobbler shop, and then we end up on this green hill with a great view of the ocean it was beautiful. She pulls out a blanket and picnic we sit down and eat a high end beef sandwich, after that persephone says, “do you remember when we were kids?” and I reply, “Of course…”