The Race by Archie

The Race


I have always loved animals. Any type or any breed however my favourite animal is the horse, the fast, flexible, fabulous animal that everyone knows. My first horse was beautiful, I named her Majesty after majestic, and I began to jump up and down smiling like a maniac. She was black, beautiful and big, I rode her everywhere. But the downfall is that she never moved. Until I was 10 years old I found out that it was never a horse, it was a rocking horse. I still kept it because I was still so happy. to finally have something that meant the world to me. I finally had something cool. I finally had something that I  loved. Now I have a whole stable full of horses on the plains of Italy. My favourite is called midnight. She is full of joy and ready to race again, she is always loving and would never attack anyone even if they would pester her to annoyance. However the other horses have changed, I bet they felt imprisoned because after I had children it is too dangerous to go on the track because nobody can look after my children. I bet that you are saying “why can’t your husband look after them?” And I will answer that exact question. He died fishing for dinner as he had a heart attack when he was bitten by a snake. I noticed I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am Eniola Aluko. And my best friend is called Jewel Jeffery.


 *10 days later*


Finally I was visited by Jewel. I was overjoyed to see my old friend after missing her for so long. I introduced her to my children and my horses. We sat down with some tea as the children played outside. After the tea and biscuits we had a talk on our lives. I was curious what happened to Jewel in Portugal. We both caught up on everything and Jewel told me that there was a massive race coming up. I decided that maybe it would be fun to get back on the good old track again like we used to do. But where should I put my two beautiful children, too young to stay on there own but too old to know what to do and they would become bored. I couldn’t decide what to do, then Jewel said that she had a husband and that my kids could stay there while we had our massive race. But I still had one burning question, I it’s asked “where is this race taking place”, I thought that it would be in Portugal but surprisingly not, it was taking place in Athens at the panathenaic stadium. I couldn’t wait, it was always been my dream to go to Athens and now it’s finally becoming a reality. I happily agreed to go and now thinking back on it I wish I didn’t.


The time had finally arrived for our horse carrier to arrive, we drove all the way to Greece where from their we made our way along the dusty track to find Athens. I was amazing, dazzled by its amount of glory I felt paralysed. I couldn’t move, it was like I was stuck. Then like a flash I snapped back into reality and found out that we never left anyways, I must have fainted while drinking. However we were still going to Athens but not today, maybe in a week or so…


*1 Week Later*


Finally the time had come to leave. I was ready and packed and Jewels husband (Jay) had arrived with their children and he would look after everything when I was gone. I took midnight with a leash and brought her to our horse carrier to find Jewels horse (James) already there waiting for midnight. We were on our journey and made it to the tunnel half way we thought but I think we were wrong. It took forever, we were full of boredom until we saw the flag, we instantly knew we were close.

Around another 30 minutes later we were there. One day more until the race. Me and midnight were the dream team.


*One Day Later*


It was time, me and midnight ran so far and it was so worth it but I don’t really know if it was. We ran through the streets feeling like we were late which we were. We made it just on time for the race, this must have been the biggest stadium I have ever witnessed and we were included in it. I was so excited but I think I should have been scared and worried. This racetrack was big and the competitors were experienced. Finally the race began, me, midnight, Jewel and James went right off to the track before anyone else, behind me I saw someone catching up to us but that wasn’t friendly competition, they had a club and went for jewel, they hit her right off and she fell to the ground with a broken arm. I got her onto midnight and took out my leash and put it on James, we ran faster then ever, past everyone and then we had the clubber to pass. We sprinted we were a cheetah, we were like lightning. We ran at the same speed as the clubber and then he swung his bat at midnight and caught her leg. My poor baby was hurt and he went for the second swing as I caught the club with intense force and thrown it back at them, it hit the, bang on in their forehead knocking them out. Midnight was so powerful and strong even though she was injured she ran, this time faster than lightning. We made it, first, we finished, we won I told her. I told her that the world didn’t need her anymore and that she could go now, she could leave her pain, I will see her again don’t worry. She just isn’t with us anymore.