Keynote Speaker

We are delighted to announce that the confirmed keynote speaker for Merging Media will be Dr Duncan White (Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London).

Dr White’s research interests include: the crossover between experimental film; theories of space; performance and reception; written and visual media; and poetry.

More information about Dr White’s research can be found here:

Recent Research (taken from Arts website):

“I am currently working on a book entitled Art After the Destruction of Experience. I am the lead author and co-editor of Expanded Cinema: Art Performance Film (Tate Publishing 2011), an in-depth account of the histories of Expanded Cinema focusing on questions around notions of space, time and spectatorship in experimental live film and video. I am also working on event-based research projects that include, “Light Writing”, which considers the rich and varied use of text in artists’ film and video and “Flicker and Hum” which explores the relationship between film and experiments in sound. I am also interested in experimental writing practices.”

Books/journal articles

  • 2013: Journal Article ‘Art After the Destruction of Experience: DIAS and Experimental Film in Britain’,Millennium Film Journal ed. by Grahame Weinbren
  • 2012: Chapter ‘Media Prepositions for ‘Platon’s Mirror’: Echo/ Shadow/Light’ in Andreas Beitin, Leonhard Emmerling, Blair French (eds) Platon’s Mirror (Walther Koenig Books)
  • 2012: 7 poems ETZ (Journal) ed. by Pete Spence
  • 2011: Book co-author and editor Expanded Cinema: Art Performance Film, with David Curtis, Al Rees and Steven Ball. (Tate Publishing)
  • 2011: Journal Article ‘Printology: Film Exercises on Paper’ Sequence ed. by Simon Payne
  • 2011: 4 poems Black Box Manifold (Journal) ed. by Adam Piette.
  • 2010: Journal article ‘From White Calligraphy to Video Semiotics -Takahiko Iimura’s Light Writing’ an Interview with Takahiko Iimura, Afterall, edited by Melissa Gronlund
  • 2010: Journal article ‘British Expanded Cinema and the ‘Live Culture’ 1969-1979′, Journal of Visual Culture in Britain Vol. 11, Issue. 1. Published by Routledge. Edited by Ysanne Holt.
  • 2010: 2 poems Jacket (journal) ed. by Pam Brown
  • 2009: Journal article ”The American Areas”: Place, Language and the Construction of Everyday Life in the Novels of Ben Marcus’, in Jacket, ed. by John Tranter and Pam Brown. Available online here.
  • 2009: Journal article ‘Beyond the Frame: Mapping Expanded Cinema’ in Vertigo, ed. Gareth Evans
  • 2008: Journal article ‘Unnatural Facts: The Fictions of Robert Smithson’ in Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, Vol.1, no. 2. pp.161-176. Published by Intellect Ltd. Edited by Julia Lockheart and John Wood.

Recent conference papers/events/exhibitions

  • 2013: ‘Automatic Writing’ video installation for Publish and Be Damned Book Fair, ICA, London
  • 2013: ‘Taking Place’ film screening, Black Maria, Kings Cross Crossing, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design
  • 2013: Visual Thinking: Between Sound and Light Camden Arts Centre, London
  • 2012: ‘Black and Light: Observation and Destruction in Post-War Artists’ Film’, Playing in the Shadows Symposium, Tate Modern, London
  • 2012: Platon’s Mirror, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
  • 2012: ‘Expanded Cinema: Art After the Destruction of Experience’, École des Beaux-Arts, Paris
  • 2012: Mischa Kuball: Platon’s Mirror, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, London
  • 2012: ‘Lighting the Cave’ Symposium, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design
  • 2011: ‘Light Writing’, Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield University
  • 2010-11: Light Writing, Banner Repeater, London
  • 2010: ‘Divisions/Revisions: Art Film and Video in the UK 1970-79,’ Moving Images: Artists & Video / Film, Museum Ludwig, Cologne (September 2010)
  • 2010: ‘Dirty Words: The Erotics of Writing in Film’,Cinematic Desire Conference, CUNY, New York (March 2010)
  • Modern (April 2009)