MEMS Friends’ MA Studentship update

Last academic year saw the launch of the first ever MEMS Friends’ MA Studentship – a bursary scheme to cover a student’s tuition fees, as well as some research expenses. Thanks to the generosity of our Friends, we achieved our fundraising goal and were able to award the Friends’ MA Studentship 2013/14 to Sophie Kelly.

Sophie KellySophie writes; “I’m really excited and honoured to be the first ever recipient of the Friend’s of MEMS studentship. I completed my undergraduate degree in History at Kent, which is where I discovered my love of medieval history. The Medieval and Early Modern Masters therefore seemed like the perfect way to carry on my studies and to explore an even wider range of specialist subjects that the course offers. The interdisciplinary nature of the course and its emphasis on research skills also really appealed to me, as it meant having the opportunity to learn skills such as Latin and Palaeography that will be vital in aiding the rest of my work. My particular research interest is in the production and content of medieval books, in particular liturgical and religious texts and the art and illuminations within them. I’m so excited and grateful to have the opportunity this year to explore this and many other subjects further and I’m really looking forward to everything that the year will bring!”