MAAST / CHASE concert

This MAAST concert was held on 13 May 2022, and it was part of the Immersive Experiences day session on spatial sound.

This concert was made possible through the support of the ‘Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts, South-East England’ (CHASE), which is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Details of the entire day session can be found on the CHASE webpage.

The concert programme included the following:

Louise Rossiter – ‘Neuronen’ (2019; 09:35)
Louise Rossiter – ‘Synapse’ (2020; 08:03)
Pete Stollery – ‘Pandemonium’ (2021; 12:49)
John Young – ‘Arioso’ (2021) (9:36)
Tim Bond – ‘Sanctus’ (2021; 20:07)
Brona Martin – ‘Nygamla’ (reinvention) (2020; 10:39)
Aki Pasoulas – ‘Paramnesia’ (2010; 15:08)

The concert was broadcast live in binaural format. A video recording can be seen in the MAAST youtube channel (from 02:05’00” onwards).