MAAST – introduction

Music & Audio Arts Sound Theatre

Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre (MAAST) is a portable and flexible sound diffusion system designed for the performance of electroacoustic music and research in spatial sound.

MAAST started its life in 2013 in the School of Music and Fine Art (SMFA) of the University of Kent at the inauguration concert at the Symposium on Acoustic Ecology, under the direction of Dr Aki Pasoulas. It has since successfully performed in challenging spaces such as the Wind Tunnels at Farnborough and a former carpet factory in Brick Lane, London. It currently belongs to the sonic arsenal of the Centre for Music and Audio Technology (CMAT). The system gradually evolved, and the setup currently consists of 15 stage loudspeakers (distant, non-directional, main, wide, elevated, centre and proximate) and two rings of loudspeakers around the audience, the closest of which is elevated at 3 metres in height to provide a canopy of sound.

The system comprises a custom-made 32-channel Gluion console, two MOTU audio interfaces, and an array of Genelec loudspeakers which include sixteen bi-amplified 8020s, twenty 8040s, four tri-amplified 1038s and 7060B/7070A subwoofers. The console controls the sound diffusion through OSC and PD. The system allows for live diffusion of stereo and multichannel works, sculpting the sound in space for immersive experiences and live choreography of sound images. Its setup is flexible and depends on the spatial characteristics of concert and sound installation venues.

MAAST has it own youtube channel.

MAAST is also available for hire with CMAT sound technicians and is open for collaboration in public engagement and research. For further information, collaboration/rental, please contact the Director of MAAST Dr Aki Pasoulas.