The Sound Of Memory Symposium: Sound-track/Sound-scape

22-24 April 2017

Goldsmiths Great Hall

The symposium introduced sound and image works along with paper presentations situated at the interface of composers working in acoustic ecologies and artists working within social ecologies, where the primary engagement is a form of sonic ethnography. The symposium explored memory’s resonances in shaping social space. It was co-hosted by the Sound-Image-Space Research Centre (SMFA), the School of Sound, and Goldsmiths University of London. The first day of the symposium coincided with the international ‘Earth Day’ and was dedicated to the works of the renowned soundscape composer Hildegard Westerkamp, who diffused her works with the MAAST system. Keynote speakers were Hildegard Westerkamp, Prof. Simon Emmerson and Sarah Turner. The symposium received 143 submissions from 30 countries.

Dr Aki Pasoulas with Hildegard Westerkamp in rehearsals.

The organisers of the Symposium Sarah Turner, Dr Aki Pasoulas and Prof. John Drever in front of the audience.