Denis Smalley 70th Birthday Celebration Concert with World Premiere

21 May 2016

Colyer Fergusson Building, Canterbury

Professor Denis Smalley is one of the world’s leading acousmatic composers, scholar and pioneer of electroacoustic music. His works have been widely acclaimed, winning a number of international awards. He has made original contributions to thinking about sound, in particular with his investigations into listener’s perception and the notion of spectromorphology. In 2013 he became Honorary Professor at the University of Kent, and this programme features the world premiere of Denis Smalley’s new work Fabrezan Preludes, commissioned by the School of Music and Fine Art, celebrating his 70th birthday.

Professor Simon Emmerson, who worked closely with Denis Smalley, gives a pre-concert talk on the continuing influence of music and theories developed by Smalley; the session includes a QA with both composers. The event is kindly funded by the Sound-Image-Space Research Centre.

Prof. Denis Smalley with Prof. Simon Emmerson in public conversation.

Prof. Simon Emmerson, Dr Aki Pasoulas, Prof. Denis Smalley, Prof. Jonty Harrison and Prof. John Young.