Debbie Worthington – A Straight Ally for LGBT+ Staff

Role:  Student EDI Officer, Student Services

Why do you want to be a straight ally?

I am a firm believer in equal rights for everyone no matter a person’s sexuality or gender identification.

Why should straight people be involved in LGBT+ issues?

We are all people at the end of the day and there wouldn’t be LGBT+ issues if there was acceptance of all sexualities and genders in today’s society.

What can straight allies do to make University of Kent a better place for being an LGBT+ staff member?

Raise awareness of LGBT+ issues on campus, participate in events and support the LGBT+ student and staff societies.  Speak up if you feel anyone is being discriminated against for being LGBT+ – did you know it is against the law that was passed in the Equalities Act 2010?

Do you have any LGBT+ friends or family members or experiences that have shaped your interest in being a straight ally?

We all have to deal with the stressors of every day; people do not need additional pressures for being LGBT+.

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