LGBT+ Role Models @ University of Kent


ROLE MODELS challenge stereotypes and provide inspiration to others. The presence of LGBT people on television and in public life has likely played an important role in changing societal attitudes towards LGBT people. In our role models campaign we proudly provide examples of the successful, full lives that LGBT people have in an accepting environment.

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George Oatridge, Research Support Officer

Nick French, IT Support Technician

Sarah Dening, Student Mentor, Student Support

Jo Pearsall, Deputy Secretary of the Council

Natalia Crisanti, Project Officer, Student Support and Wellbeing

Jan Moriarty, Student Success (EDI) Project Manager, Partnership Development Office

Stephanie Astro, SEPnet Employer Engagement Officer, School of Physical Sciences

Lynne Regan, Student Support and Wellbeing Manager (Medway Campus), Student Services

Karen Loamas Roadknight, Student Activities and Scholarships Officer, Medway Campus Administration

Debbie Worthington, Student EDI Officer, Student Services

Christin Hoene, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, School of English

Kasia Senyszyn, Volunteer Management Officer, Development Office

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