Vevox pilot starting

The E-Learning team are happy to announce that all University staff now have free access to Vevox, a polling and Q&A platform, as part of a pilot running from the 1st April 2022 to the 31st July 2023.

What is Vevox?

Vevox is a polling and Q&A platform enabling you to run online polls during your teaching.

You’ll create a ‘session’ that students join using their own web-enabled device (like a mobile phone or a laptop). In this session you can run polls, students can post questions to a Q&A board, and you can create surveys for students to fill in.

Sessions can be configured in many ways, such as being anonymous or passcode restricted, and there are a wide variety of question types you can use. You can find more information on the Vevox features webpage.


How do I get started?

Check out our Vevox webpage with information on how to get started.

There is no need to create an account, you can access the Vevox platform with your Kent IT Account login and password. This is done using ‘single sign-on’, the same way that you access Moodle and many other Kent systems.

The ability to create sessions is limited to members of the University with a staff account. However, the ability to join a session to participate in the polling, Q&A and Surveys is open to anyone.

Join us for training!

Keep an eye out on our News and Events page for upcoming training sessions.

Our latest training session ran on the 11th January 2023, if you missed it a recording is available (requires a Kent login).

What happens at the end of the pilot?

We will be looking at how much Vevox is used across the University and getting feedback from staff that use it. If the pilot goes well and staff find it a useful tool we will look to find funding to extend the license past the 31st July 2023.

Have questions?

The Vevox help site has loads of resources on how to use Vevox, such as the different question types available or configuring session settings. If you have any questions, problems accessing Vevox, or feedback on Vevox as a teaching tool then please contact us.


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