Annual deletion of KentPlayer recordings

To comply with the academic consent agreement, KentPlayer recordings are retained for the duration of the academic year in which they were made, plus an additional year to support resitting students. After this time, the Moodle-linked folders containing the recordings are removed, along with any recordings contained within.

2019/20 items marked for deletion will be finalised on 28th February 2022

You can easily check which folder your recordings are contained within by accessing the recording via the KentPlayer block in Moodle and, on the page that follows, clicking the folder title (or folder icon) in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen.  The academic year is listed in parentheses in the folder title.

A screenshot of the Panopto breadcrumb trail showing the folder hierarchy for a recording.

Retaining recordings

There may be recordings which members of staff would like to retain beyond the standard retention period. There are two methods for this, and your choice will depend upon your requirements.

Moving or copying recordings

If you will need to re-use a recording in the current or next academic year, you can move or copy it into the relevant folder in the current academic year, or your private My Folder. Remember that recordings stored in your My Folder are visible only to you, whereas recordings in Moodle-linked folders are available to students enrolled on the module.

Please see the following video guide on how to move or copy KentPlayer recordings [1 minute 30 seconds].

Downloading recordings

If you don’t need to re-use the recordings but wish to keep a copy, you can download the podcast version (audio or video) for archival locally. You will need to do this individually.

  1. Go to the KentPlayer server and login with your Kent IT account.
  2. Navigate to the relevant recording, hover over it and select “Settings” from the resulting options.
  3. Select “Outputs” from the menu on the left. Several export options are now shown.
  4. Click the “Download Podcast” link below “Video Podcast” for an MP4 video file, or the “Download MP3 Audio” link below “Audio Podcast” for audio-only.

Repeat these steps for each required recording.  Please note, when downloading a video podcast (step 4), if you do not see a preview image of the recording, please view the instructions for changing the podcast format.

Please note that recordings of students for examination purposes specifically must be retained until graduation/leaving plus three months (as per the Quality Assurance Documentation Retention and Archiving Policy), and so should be archived locally or via the Divisional-level folders on the KentPlayer server.

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