Tips for recording teaching sessions

Nick Cornwall-French, Learning Technologist

Both the Panopto software and Microsoft Teams can record teaching sessions, but they aren’t always both equally appropriate in each situation. Below is some short guidance to help you decide which is best for your teaching needs.

Panopto and KentPlayer

Use Panopto to record your lectures ahead of time, or if you are teaching to students face-to-face in a lecture theatre. The Panopto software will be able to record your microphone, your webcam and optionally your screen or a PowerPoint presentation.

See the guide How do I record my lecture using Panopto? for more information.

Quick tips on using Panopto to record a lecture;

  • If using a lecture PC, Open the Panopto Recorder using the desktop icon.

Don’t use the Panopto icon in the right of the taskbar, this is the Panopto Remote Recorder which is only used for scheduled recordings.

  • Check your inputs are working.

The microphone should already be selected. Check the indicator moves when you make a sound (tap microphone, clap hands). Choose a webcam if you want video too and choose to record your screen or PowerPoint under “Secondary Sources”.

  • Record to “My Folder” first, then copy/move the recording after.

When choosing a folder to record to, choose “My Folder”, which is your personal folder. This way, you can edit the recording before making it available to students.

Once you are ready for it to be available to students, copy or move the recording to the modules KentPlayer folder.

Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams and record team meetings for online seminars. Upload these to KentPlayer to make them available to all students on the module.

See the guide Downloading a Teams Meeting recording and uploading it to KentPlayer for more information.

Tips on using recording in Microsoft Teams for online seminars;

  • Let students know you are recording.

When you start recording the meeting, they’ll get a notification. But it’s courteous to let them know ahead of time that you’ll be recording, and that they can disable their webcams and microphone if they want to.

  • Remember to stop recording or end the meeting instead of leaving it.

If you don’t stop recording, the recording will automatically stop when the meeting ends (everyone has left). When you go to leave a meeting, click the dropdown arrow next to the “Leave” button and click “End meeting”. This will close the meeting for all students and stop the recording automatically.

  • Download the recording and upload it to KentPlayer.

Any video recordings used for teaching need to be uploaded to KentPlayer. This allows students to access the recording through their Moodle module, and also allows captioning services for accessibility. Do not try to upload the file directly to Moodle. Not only is the allowed file size small, but it will not be in an accessible format.

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