Engage your students and gain feedback with Microsoft Forms

Nick Cornwall-French, Learning Technologist

When teaching face-to-face, a student nodding their head can be a reassuring sign that your material is being understood. But when teaching online we need to be more creative when gauging engagement and understanding.

Similarly to OMBEA, creating a short form and sharing to your students via Teams can add interactivity to your teaching and help you get feedback on your students’ understanding.

Consider using Forms alongside some of these other engagement tools to add variety to your teaching too!

Make a form

Making a form is easy, simply go to https://forms.office.com/ and log in with your University login.

On your dashboard you’ll see other forms you’ve created (if any) and the option to create a new form or quiz, click New Form.

A screenshot from microsoft forms, highlighting the new forms button


You can click on the title area to rename the form and add a description if you like.

A screenshot of microsoft forms with the name of the form being changed


Clicking the Add new button will show a choice of question types you can add, for example multiple choice. Add the question text and options you want students to fill in. This might be a question to engage students with the content, or a question to get feedback on teaching.

An example multiple choice question about PC cooling solutions
A question students can answer during a lecture
An example multiple choice question asking for feedback
A question to get feedback on the teaching so far


You can toggle settings like allowing multiple answers to be selected, or making the question compulsory (required) at the bottom.

You can add more questions if you like, but by keeping them short you are more likely to get responses.

Settings to Preview the form, or change the Theme are available at the top right.

Clicking the ellipses in the top right of the form will reveal the settings. Here you can make your form anonymous and allow multiple submissions.

A screenshot showing the options available for a form.

Share the form

Once done, click the Share button to show the sharing options.

You can copy/paste a sharing link into a Teams meeting chat, or Teams channel to share the form with your students.

A screenshot of the sharing options available, including a sharing link


Alternatively you can add the form as a tab in a Team.

With the Team open in MS Teams, click the plus icon at the top of the Team window and select Forms from the selection of apps.

A screenshot showing the tabs in a Team, and highlighted the option to add a new tab.

A screenshot of the array of apps available when adding an app to a team


Choose the option to Add an existing form, and select the form you just created from the list. Ensure that Collect responses is selected from the dropdown options.

A screenshot showing the options to add an existing form when adding a form to a team


Click Save and a new tab will be added to your Team, where students can open the tab and fill in the form.

View Responses

When signed in to https://forms.office.com/ and viewing your dashboard, you’ll see the number of responses shown below each form. To view individual responses, click on the form to open it, and click Responses.

A screenshot showing the responses to a form


Clicking View results will show you each individual response.

Why not try making a Form and sharing with some colleagues?

A screenshot of a form asking what their favourite ice cream flavour is

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