Connecting Teachers with Content – Fred Mednick, Teachers Without Borders – Beyond Borders 2010

Fred joins us on WebEx to present.

Windows, Mirrors, Gates – what’s in the window, what is reflected, are the gates open?  This is a metaphor for OER at the moment – nobody really knows if this is ‘the revolution’.

Content for the K-12 environment.

“Silt happens” – There are many things that we cannot predict, but the issues that we are looking here are whether a K-12 community can get into cyber cafes, hold web conferences etc. despite the disasters.  Creating a combination of high-tech, high-touch, high-teach blend.

At 59 million, teachers are the largest professionally-trained group in the world. Teachers without borders – A community of people who have gotten together who have got together to create a focus of activities so that they can make a difference in practical terms.

What members have created.

  • Certificate of Teaching Mastery – Five free, demand-driven courses. Self paced and mentor supported. Multilingual subtitling, translation. Groups that surround content. Visual News that informs groups.
  • TWB Toolset.
  • Millenium Development Ambassadors.
  • Community Evaluation. “I can rate and provide feedback on a restaurant, but how come I can’t rate or show impacts on projects in my community”.
  • Emergency Education.

What does this have to do with OER?

  • People: online and offline.
  • Radio and CD.
  • Booklets: 104,000 for teachers, 1.8 million for students.
  • Translation, localization, excellent science, teaching for safety.

Conclusion: It’s too soon to tell whether OER will be successful, there are always ‘disasters’ that affect on the way.

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