Challenges Panel – Beyond Borders 2010

Panel: Peter McDonald, David Robertson, Marianne Talbot, Andy Lane and Fred Mednick.

Did you have any idea who the audience may be for your podcasts? – The general answer is no, but it is mentioned by Peter McDonald that he liked the opportunity for a publicly funded academic to provide content for the public.

Sustainability: Is it something that the University will have to accept as the future and fund it? Is this the only way forward?  Or could we look at micro-payments.

  • Andy Lane – All options must be explored. Particularly in the OU at the moment, this is something that must be done, how much can the University afford to do?  How is this classified?  There might be recruitment value which mean that there could be cost savings in other areas of marketing.  Sustainability can only come if the institution wants to put the project into the strategic plan.

OpenSpires project is inspirations (member of Cambridge University) – Question: What is the single greatest challenge to OER?

  • Fred Mednick: Organisations are the single greatest challenge (related to sustainability)  How about interoperable organisation?
  • Andy Lane – Stop talking about OER. We will have succeeded when people are talking about open education.
  • Marianne Talbot – More concerned that the continued use of existing resources may result in new academics not being employed.

Using diagrams in lectures – nobody knows.  As soon as pictures on web everyone, including publishers, will know.  Non-commercial podcasts and a non-charge policy for use of images from publishers?

  • Andy Lane – In the early days of Open Content.  People are thinking about it and policies are being considered.

The more people understand about licenses, the more people will use the resources they are allowed to use.  We need to make our resources more discoverable…if it doesn’t come up on Google, many won’t find it!

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