First KASA Open Lecture of 2017 presents Andrew Waugh

The firstĀ  Kent Architectural Student Association (KASA) Open Lecture of 2017 will be given by Andrew Waugh, Director of Waugh Thistleton Architects on Tuesday 17th January at 6PM in MLT1. Waugh Thistleton Architects based in Shoreditch, are experienced in delivering a wide range of building types with a commitment to the use of timber construction. This earned them an international reputation in environmentally sustainable architecture and design. For further information about the practice, please click here.

Andrew Waugh was an early pioneer in the architectural quest for tall timber buildings with Waugh Thistleton’s nine-story timber ‘Murray Grove’ project in 2009. The focus for the lecture will be on cross-laminated timber, the growing trend and benefits of building with this innovate technique and sustainable material.