Architecture & Movement Workshop: Materials, Dynamics, Atmospheres.

Students from Unit 1 of the MArch course at Kent School of Architecture and MA Physical Acting from the School of Arts worked together to explore materials, dynamics and atmospheres. Welcoming each other into their respective studio spaces, the students examined intersections between their fields, and gathered inspiration for their upcoming performance- and design assessments. This pilot workshop is the first of a series of cross-disciplinary exchanges between two crafts concerned with how the social human being inhabits space.

DSC00607DSC00624 (002)

The day’s schedule played out as follows:

  1. Implications of materials: discovering the characteristics of certain materials, their ‘poetic essence’ – what the material itself has to offer.
  2. Atmosphere and power dynamics: Implications of space on personal space and social relations
  3. Move over to KSA’s Marlowe building: Examining the models: An opportunity for MArch students to discuss their Guild designs with MA Physical Acting students