MA Architectural Visualisation students’ exhibition at The Gulbenkian

Photography is often considered a complementary field to architecture; the two areas inextricably linked through philosophy, theory and practice.  The developments of both forms of art have grown and developed alongside each other.  It is a poetic relationship that goes to the roots of photography.  It is not coincidental that the first recorded photograph included a view of the form and space of and around architecture.  An understanding of the processes of composition, framing and most essentially the control of light are inherent aspects of both disciplines.

Through the module AR846: Architectural Photography, the MA Architectural Visualisation programme at the Kent School of Architecture develops students’ critical awareness of the architectural image, allowing them to apply this understanding to their digitally created imagery and visualisations.  Studied during the autumn term, the architectural photography module provides students the opportunity to learn both traditional film and digital photographic techniques.  The collection of images displayed here is the conclusion of this work. The MA Architectural Visualisation students’ work will be exhibited at The Gulbenkian from 08 February until 31 March 2016.

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