Day in the life of a KSA Student

Racketing vibrations coming from the alarm that failed to be on time. Eyes feeling sore from the tiredness that didn’t leave me from the work of modelling my gallery space. Time to arise, from the silent whispers of footsteps as I gaze outside, unable to hear the noise. So I leave the view to get ready, eat breakfast or what they call, budget food. I put on my Nike trainers, and minding the scrap pieces of materials that fill my room, I step out ready to face another day as a KSA student.

As I come out of Darwin, the meaning of fresh air is coming to light. Inhale, exhale, its draining my brain from all the stresses still yet to face. Every step is speedily becoming gradual and there is not long till I arrive at Marlowe. Walking past the library, students walk past, catching up on the discussions on the essays and work they have been assigned. A few steps later and I’m here.

The captivating scent coming from the bakery and the raw smell of crushed coffee beans instantly awakens my senses, and before I go into the studio, I can’t help but buy a sausage roll and coffee for one £1.99. It’s not every day that happens. “Thank you Rose and Rita,” I gratefully state as I start making my way up the stairs that lead to my second home: the Studio.

This consists of tutorials and opportunities for meetings with friends and course members but it is also the catalyst of producing great work. With the ability to freely speak to different years, you are able to tackle design briefs and issues to come up with something worth framing.

Another day’s work done, but wait, I can’t forget about the open lecture that’s running for all students. Guest lecturers spend time visiting us on a weekly basis to give us talks on their work. This informative period eventually comes to an end, and I head home to eat. To seek change from the regular orderings of takeaways and find time to cook: Chicken and Pasta bake. Now, time for more work and to read up on previous lectures. Eyes drawing near to a close, I stop and decide to catch up with my roommates and after a long chat, it’s time to sleep and await for another day as a KSA student.

By Joshua Obichere, Stage 1

Joshua’s accompanying video can be viewed here

Tale of The Swan Bridge

Oluwaseyi Sobogun_Erasmus Bridge

What terrified me most was not the grand scale of you
In fact I stood in awe of you
But you blew me away, you let the winds of the oceans nearly carry me away
Oh Erasmus bridge I wish it wasn’t true
Now I’m not sure to cross you
Unaware of what was to come
I stared blindly at your elegant form
Structurally confusing, you’re not the norm
The imbalance of your struts/ties makes me question how tensed you are
Were you in equilibrium or was there an unknown pull on one side
I’m really asking how do you stand
Nonetheless you caught my eye, so I couldn’t just pass you by
I never knew this about you before
But you’re 802 metres long and 139 high
I could have travelled the shard more than twice and still hadn’t reached your length
I suppose you had to be twice that size to connect the rather huge divide
Between the north and south side
But why didn’t Van Berkel, your creator consider
That spans as long as yours, wouldn’t be kind to little tourists, mere passer by
Making a journey on the winds side
Frankly, you left us utterly exposed
Our clothes blew, our hair flews and some couldn’t even move
You let the sea throw its best gales our way and guess what?
You won. You stole the day,
It started so peacefully as your path led the way, blissfully unaware we stormed ahead
Until that moment the very ground on which I stood,
You shook, you moved
As before I was never sure of your structural capability, now honestly I fear
You’re not as stable as your cables appear
I trusted you to carry me, can you carry the self-weight of you?
That deflected shape must not have looked pleasant
If the internal forces I was feeling from inside were relevant
Did you know it was possible? That the winds of your very Rotterdam were fiery
Potentially dangerous? I doubt you do, because something about you
Your sheer construction, history and fame pronounce you never knew
I apologise for my attack of you, first time experiences are never as easy as it seems
I judged you before I knew you,
I won’t lie I’ll definitely never cross you a second time, but you’re worth the thought
Oh swan, remain elegant graceful and architecturally beautiful

By Oluwaseyi Sobogun, Stage 2

Oluwaseyi Sobogun_Erasmus Bridge 02