KSAP students involved in industry liaison

This was a really great opportunity for KSAP to be able to contribute to an important council event, at which local councillors were asked to think about what makes Chatham Intra High Street special, and how the proposals for regeneration can help build on the unique identity of Intra as a place. 

KSAP was recently involved in an industry liaison event, in association with the CIHAZ project.

Chloe Street Tarbatt and Michael Richards , were invited to present at the Medway Council ‘Chatham Intra Members Workshop’. MArch students were also invited to attend – this kind of student engagement is not standard practice at such events! The students were involved in the collaborative workshop discussions and feedback sessions with the c. 25 councillors invited to attend. 

They received excellent feedback from Medway Council and the councillors in relation to our involvement. Jane Briginshaw (Director of Design England and the event organiser) wrote:

It was a big success thanks to you …The students’ energy boost changed the workshop dynamics in a very positive way.”

This event was an component of the live project approach we are taking with MArch Unit 1, where our students are working on a parallel design brief to the appointed design consultants for the Chatham Intra Design Framework, (HTA Design and Ash Sakula Architects), and with Medway Council and Historic England, for mutual benefit. The objectives of Live Project are to develop closer links between the school and industry/society; the approach provides “a pedagogic means to extend the institutional confines of the design studio”.

Why was this event important? It not only provided our students with a rich learning experience whilst exposing them to the professional context. It also benefited clients by raising aspirations for the site and brief, garnering local community support and providing momentum and support for their fundraising activities.

About the liaison Chloe Street Tarbatt  said: “There was a great energy in the room, and we look forward to further collaborations. Our thanks to Duncan Bernsten and Anjuli Strange at Medway Council, Cany Ash at Ash Sakula Architects, Jane Briginshaw of Design England, and Oliver Rock at HTA Design.”