KSAP to take part in ‘Virtual Reading Marathon’ organised by Antonello Alici

Kent School of Architecture and Planning are joining forces with Architect and Assistant Professor at Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, Antonello Alici, who will be hosting and introducing the ‘Virtual reading Marathon’ of Giancarlo De Carlo’s literature. This is an opportunity for students to be part of an online network of students interested in De Carlo’s work. PhD student, Benedetta Castagna, is part of the editorial board of this exciting new project. The schedule for this series of events is below:

  • 04.2020: Introduction with Anotello Alici
  • 04.2020: Morris 1
  • 04.2020: Morris 2
  • 04.2020: Morris 3
  • 04.2020: Morris 4
  • 04.2020: Wright 1
  • 04.2020: Wright 2
  • 05.2020: Carré Bleu 1
  • 05.2020: Carré Bleu 2
  • 05.2020: L’arch 1
  • 05.2020: L’arch 2

Antonello Alici, architect and architectural historian and critic, based in Romae and teaching in Ancona at Università Politecnica delle Marche, is currently working on the relations between Italian and British architects in the Post-war, and on the travels of Nordic architects to Italy. Since 2014 he is the Program director of the summer school ‘The Culture of the City. Understanding the Urban Landscape’ dealing with the regions affected by earthquakes.

To keep up to date with the ‘Virtual Reading Marathon’, or to take part, please follow on Instagram or join the Facebook Group.