KSA students take part in Medway Charrette

The Medway Strategy Group has commissioned a project to develop a stronger ‘sense of place’ at Medway and improve connections between different parts of the Medway campus including Pembroke and The Historic Dockyard, Chatham.

Kent School of Architecture students took part in a three-day Design Charrette at the Historic Dockyard, impressing visitors and guests with their vision and professionalism.

The Judging Panel, made up of Professor Don Gray (Head of School, Kent School of Architecture), Denise Flockhart (Office of the VC, University of Kent), Duncan Berntsen (Senior Urban Office Designer, Medway Council), Nigel Howard (Historic Environment and Buildings Project Manager, Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust) was, “unanimous in declaring Team Ocelot (Alana Tidd, Julita Borys, Tilly Franklin, Nor Farah Ain Md Her, Moha Moein-Shirazi) as the winning designers of the ‘charrette’ at Chatham Historic Dockyard. The judges were impressed with the thoroughness and consistency with which the team had constructed their entry, and in particular, how effective the individuals had been working as a team. Judges noted the use of articulated visual clues for wayfinding, including the use of ‘gateways’ and thresholds to identify particular areas in a stimulating ‘journey through time’. They were also impressed by the inventive used of contemporary tram system to move people to key locations on both sites. Pedestrian movement was well considered. A new viewing tower clearly identified the site from a distance.”

The winning team, ‘Ocelot’, said, “It was a great opportunity to be part of a live project. We were impressed with the work that everyone produced in just three days. It was a fun experience and the best ending to our three years at Kent School of Architecture.

Alana Tidd, Julita Borys, Tilly Franklin, Nor Farah Ain Md Her, Moha Moein-Shirazi

Adrian Kehrli, Jeremy Ali, Ventsislav Videlov, Mohammed Mirza, Ottavia Profumo

THIRD PRIZE: ‘Pineapple’
Elliot Ritchie, Yashas Deshmudre, Karol Grzeskowiak, Matthew Parish, Mihai Bacan, Luisa Pires

Jake Obichere, Pinda Atwal, Angella Nkurunziza, Aisyah Abu Daniel

Plus a further thank you to the two remaining groups who also made some excellent contributions:

Caramelos Blandos’
Rhian Lloyd, Katie Van Dorssen, Chelsea Bland, Amanda Ope-Ewe

Maritime Moments’
Lucia Lanzalaco, Nikki Pappas, Junyan Du, Shefield NG, Rhiannon James