Timothy Brittain-Catlin speaks at ETH Zurich, 17th November 2016

Timothy Brittain-Catlin was invited to address this year’s Annual Colloquium of Doctoral Students of the Institute of Technology (ITA) and the History and Theory of Architecture (GTA) at ETH Zurich, alongside Professor Peggy Deamer of the Yale School of Architecture, on the theme of ‘Professionalism’. Brittain-Catlin spoke on 17th November about the traditions and sources of architectural history-writing in Britain, and in particular about the role that amenity societies play in generating new narratives about buildings which in turn emphasise their wider importance and cultural value. The colloquium further comprised a seminar afternoon and a day of graduate presentations.

Brittain-Catlin’s lecture, ‘The Success of Failure’, is available on KAR at https://kar.kent.ac.uk/58810/