Professor Gordana Fontana-Giusti elected as Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Professor Gordana Fontana-Giusti, KSA professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Humanities has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (

The Royal Society of Arts was founded in 1754 with a belief that the creativity of ideas could enrich social progress. As such, the RSA has had a long-lasting commitment to education and the environment. This election is an important recognition of Professor Fontana-Giusti’s work, which has concentrated on theory of architecture and urban design promoting the role of arts and humanities in sustainable urban design for cities today.

Most recently, Professor Fontana-Giusti has written the following articles:

  • Fontana-Giusti, G. (2016) ‘The Landscape of the Mind: A Conversation with Bernard Tschumi’, Architecture and Culture, Volume 4, 2016 – Issue 2: London: Taylor&Francis, pp263-280. ISSN: 2050-7828 (Print) 2050-7836 (Online) doi: 10.1080/20507828.2016.1176432
  • Fontana-Giusti, G. (2016) ‘Zaha Hadid: 1950–2016’, Architectural Research Quarterly, 20(2), pp. 95–98. doi: 10.1017/S1359135516000348.