RIBA South East ‘Meet Your Mentor’ event at Kent School of Architecture

This year’s RIBA Meet Your Mentor event was hosted at the Kent School of Architecture on Wednesday 9 November in the Digital Crit Space.

The mentoring scheme is offered to Stage 3 Part 1 undergraduate students who are RIBA Student Members, as practical preparation and help for their upcoming year out in industry. The scheme is run with RIBA South East and Schools of Architecture in the region to strengthen links between the Schools, their students and the RIBA practitioners.

It give students an insight into professional practice; through personal contact and regular involvement, mentoring gives opportunities for students (the mentees) and practitioners (the mentors) to discuss and develop joint understanding of professional practice in the context of the rapidly-changing role of architects. It is also excellent preparation for the year out in industry.

At the ‘Meet Your Mentor’ event, the mentors and mentees had initial discussions and made arrangements for future meetings to enable the mentees to gain an introduction to life in the practice office, and gain knowledge of current working projects.