MArch – Student Profiles – Jennifer Bull

What attracted you to studying at Kent?
After completing my undergraduate degree at Kingston University and working in professional practice for two years in London and Kent, the University’s Part II course offered a new and exciting challenge. My initial interest grew from recommendations that past students had given me, in that they saw the school quite uniquely as a supportive community. After visiting the end of year show and seeing the high standards set by the MArch course, the decision to apply was easy.

How do you feel that the learning environment has changed between the BA and the MArch?
The major shift between the two programmes is in the level of individuality that is encouraged at MArch; writing your own brief and perusing your own interests allows you to develop a unique architectural personality. Having all had some professional experience and years of architectural education, the everyday studio environment with peers is invaluable to the course as are the teaching staff, who together make the entire year intriguing, hectic and enjoyable.

Tell us about the unit system and the benefits of vertical learning (Stage 4 and 5 working together)
The unit system supports the MArch course in that it encourages students to take control of the direction of their studies from the beginning of the academic year. Each of the four units proposes an individual architectural premise, offering a wide range of choice and opportunity for every single student. Within each unit, stage 4 and 5 students are taught in parallel with one another which destructs any division between the years, allowing for further learning and encouragement from peers.

What are you enjoying most about university?
KSA as a whole is an exciting school to be part of at the moment as it is constantly expanding and producing an incredibly high standard of work year after year.

What do you think about the level of support in your studies?
The dedication and drive that all the teaching and support staff have for both the course and the school generates a friendly and lively environment all year round. Whether a design tutor, a technician or an administrator, if you are prepared to work hard, they will most certainly match it.