BA Hons Architecture – Student Profile – Emmanuel Owusu

What attracted you to studying architecture at Kent?
Aside from the great location and the lively city of Canterbury, I found the university campus appealing as all the colleges and schools where close together. This was beneficial as I could take inspiration from the School of Digital Arts and Engineering and the School of Art which were within walking distance from the Architecture Building. Furthermore, Kent also has high employment rate with the architecture graduates. I understood that the school of architecture was relatively young, this was also a good quality of the school as there was greater freedom to explore and experiment.

Why did you choose to study architecture?

I chose to study architecture because architect care! Architects care about the welfare of society, about infrastructure, about nature, about nurturing about the past, present and future.

What skills did you acquire whilst studying architecture?
I acquired a myriad of skills during my time at Kent, from drawing to visualising, organisation to public speaking and presentation. Most importantly perhaps, I grew in tremendous confidence as a person.

Do you believe these skills have assisted you in your career so far and if so, how?
I do yes, it has lead to me finding employment and in particular learning how to present and organise my time effectively has been useful in my career.

What did you enjoy most about your time at university?
Aside from architecture, I enjoyed the array of social activities and the academic facilities on offer. The discussions and debates with people from many nations that are welcomed at the university was also enlightening.

What are you plans for the future?
Completing my architectural studies,continuing enjoying life and appreciating the little things that make it all worth while.