KSA Stage 2 Rep wins Course Rep of the Year!

Congratulations to our Stage 2 Rep, Oluwaseyi Sobogun who won the Kent Union Course Rep of the Year Award! Oluwaseyi is also co-founder of our student writing club, Pencraft, who have been regular contributors to the KSA blog.

What it’s like to be course rep?

It has been a very eye opening experience. I’ve had the opportunity to see how much effort goes into making the changes that benefit staff and student in the school. There is a lot of dedication to make things better all-around and I have enjoyed being involved.  I especially liked meeting more staff and students, really engaging with them about things that matter and sometimes friendly conversations. I like knowing the admin that sends out the emails or the tutor that organises my course, they become more than just a name. I can admit it has sometimes been challenging, a little frustrating when you don’t seem to make a certain change and tiring to juggle with work. However, overall I will say it was a delightful chance I was given.

What have you learnt from being a course rep?

I know I have improved my time management and communication skills a lot. I have also found myself needing to be more patient; with the staff and students. Changes take time and I have learnt to wait out some changes and not try and rush them.

Why I think other students should be course rep? 

People may say for your CV. If that’s the only motivation I say don’t do it. You should be course rep because you care, because you see how your voice can impact your year or because you want to be involved with your school. A course rep is not only the face of the year, the voice that speaks on behalf of the year but is also an influential, inspiring person. People look up to you and are always watching you, you have to be ready to be an example, a guide to help navigate some through the course, or a friend for those when the course gets tough. Yes there is the academic part where you make changes on behalf of your year, but I’ve found the greatest impact of a course rep is when you help change your year.