MArch – Student Profile – Jessica Ringrose

What made you want to return to Kent?
Having thoroughly enjoyed my time at KSA during my undergraduate degree, securing a year out architectural assistant position locally allowed me to maintain ties within the school. Being involved in employment days and acting as a guest critic for BA during this time made returning to Kent part of a natural progression.

How do you feel that the learning environment has changed between the BA and the MArch?
The M(Arch) allows a much more personal approach, each student can identify an area of interest to them and investigate it thoroughly. This process is guided by a more intimate support network of teaching and resources. The M(Arch) is smaller in numbers than the BA, this coupled with the fact we have a great new studio space, encourages a vibrant studio environment.

Tell us about the unit system and the benefits of vertical learning (Stage 4 and 5 working together)
As the M(Arch) continues to expand in numbers the Unit system allows students to choose an individual approach and brief that interests them. This facilitates a more diverse and creative learning environment as the projects developed cover a wide variety of topics important in architectural discourse. Vertical learning means there is limited distinction between 4th and 5th years, as a 4th year this motivated me to compete with the more advanced 5th years, and as a 5th year, I try to ensure I am not being shown up by a 4th year!

What are you enjoying most about university?
KSA is constantly challenging. Each time a small goal is reached, the satisfaction is immense!

What do you think about the level of support in your studies?
The Unit systems means you have one primary tutor, but with this you also have a second design tutor and technical tutors in the second term. The school has a friendly environment, with many specialist research, teaching and support staff. I have always found these people to be approachable and willing to assist. On top of this, we also have an extremely dedicated M(Arch) director who is invaluable.