BA Architecture – Student Profile – Hsien Jing Lee

Formally a Taylors College student in Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

What attracted you to studying at Kent?
Choosing the right university was a challenge for me. In my home country of Malaysia, there are a limited number of universities that offer architecture courses and this made me choose to study in the UK. I liked the look of the campus lifestyle with its peaceful environment and lots of greenery and for this reason Kent seemed to be the right one for me. I knew it was right when I reached the university, everyone was very kind and helpful around the campus and it made me feel instantly at home.

Why did you choose to study architecture?
When I was 15, I found it hard to choose between science and art, since I loved both subjects. Considering that architecture is a combination of the two and at the same time a challenging course, it seemed the right path for me to take and I have not looked back since.

What skills have you already learnt whilst studying architecture?
I’ve learnt a lot over my past two years of study, from hand drawing, model making and technical drawing to BIM work. I have enjoyed spending time discovering how things work to give me the best result in my project. My presentation skills have improved over the past two years, providing me with the skills needed for stepping into the working environment.

What are you enjoying most about university?
Coming to university was very exciting for me. Being away from home is hard but I am glad that I have got to know so many people around the university and it now feels like a second home to me. There are always people hanging out in the studio, working hard and striving for the best. Even though we are always flooded with all kinds of projects, the sense achievement after putting in a lot of effort leaves me with no regrets. Apart from that, I have joined the Malaysian society and have got involved with their activities. This has helped me to connect with fellow Malaysian students and has allowed us to help one another when we are in need, especially being quite far from home.

Do you have any advice to other international students wishing to study at Kent?
As an international student, being able to experience and spend time with other students regardless of where they come from is priceless. I have been able to get to know the different cultures and traditions of my friends and at the same time, share my own customs to let them know about Malaysia. Everyone is very friendly here and you blend in with other students easily.

How would you describe the feel of the campus?
The location of the campus is great with a spectacular view of Canterbury Cathedral from the top of the hill. Woods and green areas are scattered across the campus providing peaceful and calm surroundings, which makes it an ideal place to study.