Crit Week at KSA

It’s been a busy week here at the Kent School of Architecture for all our students.

Our Stage 2 students have spent the Autumn term working on their Landscape and Architecture Design module. Their brief has been to design a Gardening and Cooking School in Canterbury. The site is located along the Great Stour River and includes Solly’s Orchard, the weir, the bridge and a section of Pound Lane. The Cookery School will provide a space and environment to learn about growing food and cooking.

Our Stage 3 students have spent this term working on their Adapt and Extend design module. Their brief has been to design a naval and aviation museum; their site is at the Dockyard Church in Sheerness-on-Sea. The project celebrates the naval history of the Isle of Sheppey, providing a record of the important historical events that took place. The programme seeks to display and animate the history of the adjacent Royal Dockyard and the islands’ aviation activities, and to provide space for memorial for all the victims of its naval pursuits.

Our MArch students also presented their work on Monday during their intercrits.