Henrik Schoenefeldt to speak at the RIBA Design Quality Symposium

Dr. Henrik Schoenefeldt has been invited to speak at the RIBA 10th Research Symposium, which will be held at the RIBA HQ at Portland Place, London, on 17 November 2015. The Symposium, which is entitled ‘The Design Quality Proposition: Ensuring and Communicating Design Quality in Architectural Practice, will bring together practicing architects, clients and academic researchers to explore how design quality is evaluated in contemporary architecture. Three case studies, which include the Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge, Wilkson PassivHaus Primary School, Wolverhampton and Royal Road Social Housing, Southwark, will be presented. Given the role as the ‘rapporteur’ on the research undertaken in preparation for the Symposium, Henrik will write a review of the three case study to be published in the RIBA Journal after the event. Sharing the evening slot with Alan Penn, Dean of the Bartlett School of Architecture, Dr. Schoenefeldt will be talking about the history and philosophy of performance evaluation as a tool for measuring design quality in architecture. His talk is entitled  ‘Inquiries into the History and Philosophy of Performance Evaluation’.

In recent years the idea of embedding evidence-based practices in architecture, involving the empirical evaluation of design quality, has received renewed interests among the architectural professional, but it is not a new idea. It has been subject of discourses in architecture and related disciplines for over 200 years. In this  talk Dr. Henrik Schoenefeldt retraces how the concept of performance-led design has evolved in the 19th and 20th century. He will illuminate how scientists and engineers in the past exploited working methods originating the physical and social sciences to examine building performance, not only from technical but also from environmental and occupant perspectives.

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