Strong CASE presence at the Symposium on Applied Urban Modelling in Cambridge

Professor Marialena Nikolopoulou and PhD student Christina Chaztipoulka will be presenting their work at the Symposium on Applied Urban Modelling in Cambridge, 24-26 June 2015.  The theme of the conference is ‘green cities’.

Marialena’s presentation “Limitations of thermoregulatory models in outdoor thermal comfort: have we forgotten the person?” will focus on some of the challenges of using thermoregulatory models of biometeorology in outdoor thermal comfort.  It will be based on her extensive work in the field looking at field surveys in different climatic contexts.

Christina’s research aims to establish a method for the environmental assessment of urban forms using a set of urban parameters as environmental indicators, and will be presenting “The impact of urban geometry on the radiant environment in outdoor spaces: evidence across London”.

AUM2015 is the fifth in a planned series of annual symposia on applied urban simulation models that offer insights into urban change and the realisation of practical policy initiatives. The interdisciplinary nature of the symposia attracts delegates from diverse areas, as well as academia, professional institutions and government agencies.  The theme of AUM2015 is ‘green cities’.

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