World leading masterplanner to teach at KSA

John Letherland, Senior Masterplanner and Director at Farrells, the internationally renowned architectural practice run by Sir Terry Farrell, will be teaching the Urban Design module on our MA in Architecture and Urban Design programme this September. Opportunities are still available for those wishing to enrol in this programme.

The MA in Architecture and Urban Design will include academic study into the landscape character of Kent and the South East of England, and the practical application of theory in ‘live’ projects within the region. It will be taught at the University of Kent by John Letherland from Farrells, contemporary practitioners in urban design and advocates of pro-active town planning. Students will have access to a new study centre established by Sir Terry Farrell at Great Maytham in Kent, and will be able to contribute towards an archive of Landscape Character and Urban Typologies at the centre.

Kent is one of best-known and most cherished parts of the UK, recognisable around the world by its location and character as the ‘Garden of England’. How, within this explosion of growth, can we continue to create places that are truly live-able while accommodating the rapid increase in population?

How do we turn this issue of growth into an opportunity for place-making?

Landscape is the first infrastructure- it shapes our lives and culture. The urban planner must read and understand the landscape character of a place in order to shape its future successfully.

For more information about the course, please visit our postgraduate pages.