Transforming Cities; Transforming Lives

The British Embassy in Paris will be hosting the Transforming Cities; Transforming Lives event on Thursday 3rd July 2014. The event will consider how evolutions in the urban environment of Paris and London will impact on our daily lives.

The workshops on the day will focus on the themes of community, sustainability and enterprise:

  • How can we create communities that are inclusive, functional and inspiring places to live and work?
  • How can we build a sustainable city that nurtures its citizens?
  • What levers can be used to encourage a positive and mutually beneficial relationship between business and community?

Five students have been selected to represent the school; Caroline Vasilikou (PhD), Giovanna Piga (PhD), Christina Chatzipoulka (PhD), Nil Kutlar (PhD) and Tamilore Oni (MAAC). We will look foward to hearing all about their time at the event in due course.