Just as we thought – knitting is good for your wellbeing

It's going to be a wooly Christmas
It’s going to be a wooly Christmas

We’ve been working hard on a project for the department. It began with a small number of us knitting and crocheting just to get us away from our computers. Over the months we have been joined by keen new knitters, shy knitters, some crochet fans and, interestingly, a number of staff who come and sit and join in – without wool or needles. Those of us who knit or crochet know how relaxing it is, how wonderful it feels to be away from our desks, wool and needle/s in hand either concentrating on our work or chatting about wools, projects, even the news occasionally. What we hadn’t thought about was how relaxing it is to watch. The simple act of putting yarn around hook, watching something grow as if by magic from a ball of wool, is comforting, reassuring, all those things perhaps that we associate with the people in our lives who knit or crochet. This is, in most cases, mothers, grandmothers, aunts etc, who taught us knit or who made us jumpers or blankets that were sometimes a bit terrible but nonetheless, were made with love.

Our project for this term is nearly ready to go and we can’t wait to see it all together.

What began as an experiment has become a way of life for lunchtime in the department.

This says almost exactly the same thing.