What is ‘Generation Genome’?

Generation Genome is KMTV Creative Productions latest special project, and it is very special indeed. Co Funded by the British Film Institute, The University of Kent, and KMTV, this documentary series is a testament to scientific research. 

The KMTV creative team are travelling the UK talking to children and their support networks about genetics.Teachers, research scientists and practitioners from all over the UK have spoken to us about the many ways genes are important to us.

We delve into how genetic disorders affect us in the present, how ancient DNA is being used to understand our past, or how the latest innovations will shape our future, we have explored it all. DNA is important to every living cell on the planet and therefore it creeps into many areas of our lives. 

So far, we have spoken to individuals living with challenging and life changing genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease. With the current advancements in genetic medicine, it is so important that it directly improves the lives of those living with painful and difficult disorders.

We’ve spoken to coaches about training their athletes and how important their DNA is to how they perform.

We attended the colourful and inspiring Pride Manchester 2021 with an incredible young girl in the queer community.

We explored to what extent does science understand our sexual orientation to be genetic, and what do people in the LGBTQ+ community think? 

We had the pleasure of visiting an Imam of the Muslim community in Bradford who spoke to us about his thoughts about genetic medicine and medical ethics.

We were able to share in the enthusiasm and talent of some young fossil hunters and Britain’s youngest falconers who are using our knowledge of ancient DNA to inform how we conserve our wildlife today.

In September, a massive and ambitious endeavour to take our set and crew back around the UK to meet with schools and talk about genetics began. With the help of experts and those affected by these conversations making up our panel, we started filming our “GG Group Chats”. This is where children get to actually watch the documentary for the first time and ask all their burning questions to the panel. 

It has been inspiring to say the least, to hear the questions and opinions of young people in the country, to see how interested they are in the world of genetics. It is clear that this documentary will contribute to the collection of valuable genetic research and resources that will be handed down to our young people. The best part is that the information is coming straight from field experts, teachers, patients and children themselves.

Here at KMTV we plan to continue to make content that is this impactful, and will inform and inspire the next generation.


The Generation Genome series will launch on KMTV in Spring 2022 



Written by Mariam Yacoub, Assistant Producer, KMTV Creative Productions