Mohammad’s experience of studying an LLM in International Law with International Human Rights Law

Mohammad reflects on his personal experience of studying the LLM at Kent as an international student and offers some helpful 'dos and don'ts'!

I joined Kent Law School in January 2019. Due to visa complexities my arrival was delayed and I missed two weeks – one week of introductions, and the next one. And guess what? My Professor called me after a lecture and said: “Mohammad, You’ve been delayed. You’ve missed two weeks of lectures. Do you think you will be okay? Do you need any extra help?” I told her I will be fine. Then she said: “Just let me know if ever you need any help.” And from that moment on, I am in love with the University of Kent in general, and Kent Law School in particular.

Postgraduate study in Law is an exhausting and huge commitment. So many times I have been on the verge of breaking down. But, without any exaggeration, bless the Law School, bless every teacher, every staff, especially the PG Office and Pauline Rogers, the PG Office Manager. I will quote my favourite fictional character here in a modified way, “Help is always given at KLS to those who ask for it!”

For me, a bibliophile to an extent, with its hordes of books and plenty of spaces, my most favourite haunt is Templeman Library. I have been to Oxford, to QMUL, on a tour to meet friends. Tried to enter the libraries, but sadly denied entrance. But whenever my friends visited Kent, we had no difficulty at all. The staff are so polite, caring, and supportive, you cannot simply not-love them! Never has it happened that I asked for some resource which was not available in the library, and I did not get it as soon as possible.

As for the teaching staff, I would just say that I love them. Never ever felt I am out of my place. Never have I been to any place which is so warmly welcoming. As for the city, if you love nature, old architecture, quiet and peace, Canterbury is the best place. The only downside is the unpredictability of the weather. So, always expect the unexpected!

Advantages you will have at Kent:

  • The opportunity to pursue a dual specialisation, a major and a minor (my primary reason)
  • An institution dedicated to critical studies and a critical approach. They do not just teach you, but they make you learn how to think
  • Despite the above fact, you will not feel overwhelmed, for help is always at hand!
  • You will always have a variety of guest lectures happening all round the year and much more!
  • If you are a nighter, then the city centre with all its restaurants, bars, pubs and shops is just a walking distance away. (I don’t fancy it much!)
  • With all kinds of membership options and different societies, the sports centre and gym is just cool!



  • ever miss any lectures, unless and until inevitable (real sick!), and in that case email your module convenor ASAP!
  • ever ignore/miss any readings recommended by the Professors. (Trust me, as much as we believe in the vice-versa, our teachers really actually know the stuff a hundred times better than we do!
  • leave your work (academic) to the last moment. (Trust me, you do that and you are in TROUBLE!)
  • hesitate to seek extension for assessed works, if you have GENUINE reasons for delay!
  • hesitate to seek help from your teacher or the administrative staff


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