Jennifer’s experience of studying an LLM in International Law

By Jennifer A Baker

Deciding to do a Masters was quite daunting, however, choosing a university to study an LLM was a no-brainer. You see, I studied law (LLB) at the University of Kent. Whilst I had a few challenges, Kent Law School was always ready to guide and assist me. So, choosing to do an LLM at Kent was an easy choice and I willingly threw myself at the application.

The LLM application process for me was very easy and straightforward. Unlike other universities, there was no application fee required. This is particularly helpful if you are from a low-income household. All I was expected to do was highlight my motivation for applying to Kent and pursing the LLM. My offer to study at Kent Law School came within two weeks of me submitting my application. I excitedly accepted this offer and then proceeded to apply for accommodation at Woolf College. Kent operates a semi-collegiate system, so being a postgraduate student, I was sorted into Woolf College which is the college for all postgrads. Again, the application for accommodation was easy and an offer was made.

The next step was registration, it had to be done in person at the Kent Sports Centre. I remember arriving at the Sports Centre with my boyfriend who shrugged at the sight of the queue of students waiting to be registered. I on the other hand was unbothered about the queue, I had been through this process before at my undergrad registration, so, I knew how quickly this process was. The registration took only 15 minutes. It was super easy, well organised, and staff were friendly and helpful with all my queries and questions.

Furthermore, there were smiling student volunteers scattered around campus, giving directions to the newbies and helping them settle into their accommodation. Thanks to the wonderful volunteer who assisted me with carrying a few of my unpacked bags into my room on campus and helped me get settled. At this point, I was prepared for the amazing learning experience ahead.

My LLM learning experience these past months at the Law School has been excellent. I am excited to be studying at a university that has a strong international character and a world-leading reputation. Kent Law School ranks highly both in world university rankings and in  the UK. The professors are world experts in their field. I am talking Barristers, Solicitors, international law scholars and lawyers. They have all been tremendous in their willingness to offer help at any point.

Teaching for each module is two hours per week; a one-hour lecture and another hour of seminar. The seminar is an interactive session where I am able to get more clarity on topics from the lecture. The most significant part of my learning at Kent Law School is how it has improved my critical thinking. Kent Law School is a critical law school; it not only teaches you how to apply the law but also to question it. Employers find this skill useful, and thanks to Kent Law School, I continuously aim to be critical and logical.

Kent Law School operates a law clinic where I have recently completed an internship. The law clinic consists of legal professionals, who provide legal advice and representation to members of the public who cannot afford to get these. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate and broaden my knowledge of the law through working on real cases. I have also been able to secure a few mini-pupillages and internships through the Careers and Employability Services at Kent. I get a weekly bulletin highlighting available internships or work experiences that are available. They also provide personal coaching and events like the law fair which have all been beneficial by providing me with the guidance and information that has helped to shape my career prospects.

Finally, I can say that I am enjoying my time at Kent Law School. Of course, I have challenging days but also knowing that help is always available makes it all better. From the Student Support and Wellbeing service, the Skills Hub for help with writing, right through to the Kent Law School postgraduate administrators who are the real MVPs, I am confident that my time here will go smoothly. And, after my program, I can take all the skills I have gathered  here into the work place. I know I will become added to the list of Kent Law School amazing alumni and hopefully give back to the university that has given so much to me.

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