The quotes on this page are written by students whom undertook one of the KLS opportunities. For confidentiality reasons names of Chambers/firms and students have in some cases been hidden.

Stories from Mini-Pupillages:

  • FAMILY LAW:  I had the best time. The cases were so interesting – international child abduction and an international child care case too, I got to sit in the Royal Courts of Justice and the judge invited us into her back room for tea and a chat. Everyone was so lovely and I really did have a great time, so thank you!   2014

Stories from work experience with solicitors:

  • Local Authroity Legal Department – Commercial & Environmental Law.  2014

“I am very grateful for the most fantastic two weeks at Kent County Council!

By day two I had already been introduced to a range of solicitors and Barristers from various fields of Law and I was honoured to be invited to 4 meetings already! The secretaries were very friendly and approachable; you can ask them anything and they will answer. During the placement, I worked on administrative tasks, legal research regarding various legislations at different times, case studies, attendance notes for meetings, file notes, a summary of the Advanced Payment Code, another summary of legislations and research of recent commercial property cases to be uploaded on Twitter!Billy   meeting roomcourt room

The solicitors were good listeners. They were very open-minded and accepting whilst also encouraging me to offer them my opinion and comments of the case or contracts. I believe I had the best colleagues when they were helping me out, briefing me with summaries of cases before meetings, showing me around the area and most importantly trusting me in working with them. They occasionally treated me with some chocolates as well!

It was such an extremely valuable experience to be able to know what it genuinely feels like to be working in a Legal environment and to realise how the environment of a public sector differs from private firms. Now I know what exactly I want to be in the future and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for having me and seeing me as a colleague and a friend.

Over the course of my two weeks I attended numerous meetings and now I know exactly what it’s like being a solicitor. My colleagues assited me in so many ways, for example, one day one of the solicitors gave me a ‘life lecture’ on how not to give up no matter how hard it is going to be in becoming a solicitor and the fact that it is going to be hard in ‘every’ industry anyway. I really loved my work experience.

Billy Ng, LLB 2nd year at time of placement

  • Local Authority Legal Department – Social Welfare Law 2014

    “Through KLS I gained a two-week placement with Kent County Council Legal Team, in the Children’s Welfare department. This allowed me to gain a well-rounded insight into not only the working of the legal team, but the role of a solicitor. I was involved in pre-trial interviews and was able to sit in on court trials, seeing the interaction between solicitors, barristers, clients and the judge. There were also many issues being settled outside of court, natural in a sensitive area such as Family Law, and I was able to take part in interviews with social workers and parents/carers. I also helped with small research projects for solicitors while preparing for the cases and typed up my notes from interviews to be documented in with the case files. I enhanced my knowledge of the area of Law, with solicitors introducing me to key cases and legislation while also discussing them with me after my reading, in order to develop my understanding.

    Overall, my experience was wholly positive and enjoyable while also being very educational. Through a wide variety of tasks I was able to appreciate all aspects of the job and was definitely not just stuck at a desk! “

Kaya Carville, LLB 2nd year student at time of placement

  • Local Authority Legal Department – Social Welfare Law 2014

    During the fortnight I attended various courts (Canterbury, Chatham and Tunbridge Wells) 4 times.  I also attended a Pre-Proceedings meeting and sat in during professional advocacy meetings before court hearings.   I complied a precedent list of key issues and procedures in Care proceedings for a solicitor.  I summarised points of concern in a particular case in order to build an argument for the LA to continue with Care proceedings.  I also did my fair share of printing and scanning court bundles.

 I loved this work experience and have been offered a job as a Legal Assistant at Canterbury KCC on a part-time basis while I work towards my Masters too!

  • Niche legal firm, 2014

    “I was given the assignment of summarising  the evidence obtained from interviews with clients who suffered abuse of their human. Some of the clients were bringing claims on behalf of their deceased family members.​  I was also given the responsibility of providing the firm with the daily news review. This included matters that were of interest to the development of the firm.

    The one month placement gave me insight into the importance of judicial review and how vital it is to fight for civilians’ rights. Some of the stories were heartbreaking and increased my interest in the struggle for human rights.

    I also learnt that however scary it might seem, challenging those in power for the right reasons can be very fulfilling.

    This placement also opened my awareness of general matters taking place in the legal sector of UK and matters of the world. This ranges from legal, political, finance and sports as a result of reading leading newspapers every morning.

     I would encourage students to apply for such placements as they open up one’s mind to the real world and give a taste of what the legal practice has to offer. It also provides awareness of what one would like to specialise in or not, from such work experience.”

  • In-house legal team, 2014

    “…the internship was extremely valuable, incredibly well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed the week. To top it off, they have also offered me a place with them whilst also providing me with my legal training (LPS/Training Contract).”

  • International Internship in Compliance, 2014

    “I was working in the control room, a part of the Compliance department. I have gained some insight into how the compliance team seeks out possible inside trades and the work they do in preventing them.It was a privilege to work in a big firm for the very first time. I have learnt alot about how things work in an international firm and it has certainly given me the opportunity to assess whether this is something for me in the future”.  

    They also offered intern sessions to us. These were held by the company’s senior staff – e.g Global Head of Sales. They shared with us the important traits needed for their area of work. This I think was extremely useful. It also allowed me to build up a social network into the financial sector.”

  • In House Legal Team, 2013

    The placement itself was very helpful. I managed to read cases that the Corporation were involved with. The main area that I concentrated on was contracts. It was very interesting to know the many different issues that they have to deal with, from making a claim to defending claims. In addition, I attended a few meetings. Again, an excellent experience. 

     One of the important factors that I came away with was how the corporation functions. I must admit, I did not know much about it before. It was extremely interesting for me”.