The information on these pages is designed to help you if you are planning to work in another country. The content will never be fully comprehensive but it will give you some suggestions for finding further information.

These pages are still in development so please revisit for more information over the coming months.

Some ideas to help you reflect on your own internationalism: 

Kent Global Passport:

The Kent Global Passport (KGP) is a free online app which has been designed to help you to highlight your international skills and experience. The aim is to help you make the most of internationally-relevant activity in your daily life. The KGP understands that your international skills and experiences are developed through mixing in our international community. It isn’t always about time spent in other countries – find out more here

How to use your UK LLB in another Country:

The University of Law have put together a list of useful information for international students on how their* courses can further your legal careers in your jurisdictions, as well as in the UK. For students from Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nigeria and Singapore they also provide a useful ‘routes into practice’ diagram and details on entry requirements – find out more here 

* Please note, the information is specific to their LLB courses. In many instances the information will be transferable but not always.  You must check with the country you intend to practice in whether the university you have attended needs to be formally registered/recognised by some governing body.


Internships can be extremely useful and instrumental in developing an international career.   You will find a developing list of internships on this page of the blog.

Membership organisations:

There are many organisations, societies and groups that can help you to develop an understanding of international law or legally relevant issues, develop relevant skills and more.  Get involved with something:

University based groups:

There are many student societies which you can join to help develop your understanding of law in an international context or, more generally, to gain a cultural awareness. For example:

There are many cultural Societies on campus. See the Kent Union pages to explore the opportunities.

Other student led groups / resources

  • The Network for International Law Studentsseeks to promote legal awareness among all the people and encourage communication and cooperation among law students and young lawyers internationally; contribute to legal education; promote social responsibility in the field of law; increase opportunities for students to learn about other cultures and legal systems worldwide; and publicize educational and career opportunities in law.”

Professional organisations

There is a marvellous list of many organisations on the International Law Institute website 

Country specific information

Middle East